Washington State Prescription Pads

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Washington State Prescription Pads

Washington State Prescription Paper

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Washington State Prescription Pads

A new state law passed in 2009 to combat unauthorized, improperly altered and counterfeit prescriptions.( RCW 18.65.400) Starting July 1, 2010, all prescriptions written in Washington State must be on board-approved tamper-resistant prescription paper or pads (TRPP).
  State of Washington RCW 69.41.120 requires that:  the words DISPENSE AS WRITTEN must appear under the signature line on the RIGHT SIDE of the script.  The words SUBSTITUTION PERMITTED must appear under the signature line on the LEFT SIDE of the script.  Starting July 1, 2010, all medication prescribers must use approved paper. The new Washington State Prescription Paper and Washington State Prescription Pads are designed to reduce fraud and include a special seal from the Board of Pharmacy.


Taylor-Made Printing, Inc. is a company headquartered in Puyallup, Washington.  We have been approved by the State of Washington to produce Washington State Prescription Pads.  Your Washington State Prescription Pads will come on paper that exceeds both the Medicare requirements and the State of Washington.  We offer both prescription pads and prescription paper printing. This is a requirement to use in the State of Washington, so why would you go out of state to buy this product? Stay here, Stay Washington. Click on the "Get Started" button to be taken to our online ordering center. We have pricing and easy to use templates to make your Washington State Prescription Pads online and get your order started right now.

Security Features of our Product:

"Rx Invalid" Pantograph (Hidden Message)

When unauthorized persons try to copy or scan your original, a "Rx Invalid" hidden message appears.

Anti-Copy Coin Rub

Watermark on back turns black when rubbed with a coin. 

Microprint Protection

Text too small for the naked eye is printed on the perimeter of the security features box.

Color Match

The original colors of Kan't Kopy® papers cannot be reproduced with any type of copying process.

Erasure Protection

Guards against erasing/modifying and scanning.

Acid Free

Preservation of documents for a longer period of time.

Kan't Kopy® Artificial Watermark

An artificial watermark is manufactured onto the paper.

Security Features Box

Warning box printed on back indicating security features.

Thermochromic Ink

(Heat Sensitive) Red ink with "Rx" image reacts when exposed to heat, making it nontransferable on copied documents.


That's just the security that comes with the paper, after that we print the required Washington State Prescription Pads Logo on the paper as well. 

Washington State Prescription Paper
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Taylor-Made Printing, Inc. is a Washington State Board of Pharmacy
approved vendor to print prescription paper.