Restaurant Weekly Mailing




The Program (Example)

Choose a Postcard Size: 6" x 11"

We Will Design It for You: Pick a design from our selections, send us your logo and any pictures you'd like to use. We will custom design a postcard Taylored to you!

Quantity: 5000 Pieces

We Print and Mail: Once we have your proof approval, we mail out 625 per week for 8 weeks.

Cost: $269.00/week. For the next 8 weeks we saturate your selected area mailing to all targets (over 8 weeks) getting the best results without going over your weekly budget.

Based on the example above, we would take the total cost and quantity of your mailing and divide it evenly over an 8-week period. This means we’d mail 625 postcards per week and bill you $269 per week for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of mailing, all 5,000 addresses have received your postcard. Keep in mind, you can choose any direct mail product, quantity, and mailing schedule you want.

The Benefits

No Money Down - We finance the cost of your mailing area analysis, mailing list, artwork, printing, postal sorting, and delivery. You don’t pay a dime until we pay the post office for your first week’s mailing.

Steady, More Manageable Returns - By spreading your mailings out over several weeks, you can rely on a steadier, more predictable return over time, instead of a rush of new business all at once.

Affordable Weekly Payments - Splitting your direct mail costs into small, weekly payments makes it easier to fit into your weekly budget. This is invaluable for businesses that run on a week-to-week basis.

Fits Any Budget - We work with you to pick the right piece, mailing area, quantity, and mailing schedule to get you the best results without going over your budget.