Be Different, Advertise and Get Customers.

If your competition is cutting their advertising budgets, then this is the perfect time to ramp yours up.  There will be less messages that your prospects are receiving, so chances are much better for your message to get noticed.  Get your message in front of the right people in the right place and time with targeted mailings that drive customers to your business.  Here are some popular ideas and programs below.

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Target Market Mailing

Target Your Market

Target market to your ideal buyers using powerful data profiling tools such as Demographics, Personal Interests, Buying Habits and Lifestyles. The right message to the right market gets great response.

Radius Mailings

New Homeowners

We can locate Homeowners close by your business and send them your offer for things they need for their new home. New Homeowners need Window Treatments, Appliances, Landscaping and other Home Improvement ideas.

New Movers Mailings

New Movers

Use your business as a radius to target recently moved in homeowners and renters close by and send them your offer to visit you. Great approach for Restaurants and Retail Businesses.

Birthday Mailings

Birthday Mailings

People love getting specials on their birthday. We can target local residents around your business per month with an upcoming birthday. Send them a "special" (ex. Free Appetizer) during their birthday month and separate yourself from your competition by seeing customer growth by utilizing our birthday database.

Demographic Mailings

Demographic Mailings

We can help define the customer you are looking for. Then use demographic selections from our database to target more customers that match characteristics of your current clients. Free demographic selections include: Age, Home Value, Income Level, Marital Status, Children Present, and more. Beyond the free selections there are literally hundreds of demographics to choose from, please call to discuss your project.

EDDM Mailings

EDDM Mailings

More of a shotgun approach to marketing. We can send out to everyone on a postal carrier's route, and we can do it fairly inexpensively. With our Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) program, you can take any neighborhood, saturate it with your personal message, and market to every home with postage at just $0.191 cents per piece.